about the studio

Sides Studio is an international design brand offering bespoke pieces made with innovative thinking and passionate approach. The studio produces handcrafted, luxurious items crafted in a boutique workshop and created exclusively for private residences, boutique hotels, art collectors and leading galleries around the world. Architects and interior designers who aspire to award spaces with an artistic and luxurious touch collaborate with the studio for unique custom made pieces.

In the past few years the design community has been reassessing its appreciation for craft and handicraft production as an alternative to mass production items that lack the unique personal touch of the craftsperson. The studio’s work process is built around thematic ideas that seek to bring creativity into every space. In its designs the studio explores the engagement point between design, material and technology. Each piece is carefully chosen to make a visual impact and statement.

Contact us at: contact@sides-studio.com

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about sharon

Sharon Sides is the Owner & Chief of Design of Sides Studio.

Sharon is a B.DES graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem combined with a program at Pratt Institute for Arts and Design in New York. Sharon has achieved various design awards gaining worldwide recognition for innovative thinking.

After a few years of experience in the design world Sharon decided to launch her own studio and focus on her vision of creating high quality pieces reflecting her unique design concepts. In her creative conceptual work, Sides was successful in her attempt to refine and create a new, luxurious material with the ability to accept various patterns, forms and textures.


“Designing shape is to give form to values that people tacitly share and wish for.”