The Stumps collection has been published worldwide gaining recognition and great interest. Pieces from the collection are exhibited in design exhibitions from Tel-Aviv to New York, and decorate designed spaces around the globe.

The Stumps collection revolves around the transference of images from nature to design projects using exclusive techniques.
The design process behind Stumps offers a different outlook on a tree trunk, which is commonly associated with beams utilizing its length, by focusing on the rings that appear on the actual stump. This point of departure presents a new morphology that showcases the history of the tree as well as its age and its course of life.

As part of the work process patterns of tree stumps are etched on brass. Then, one-off handmade designed pieces are created from the processed material whilst the outline of each tree stump is kept intact. Shaping and bending each piece took into account the original outlines of the tree stump consequently bestowing each piece with its own unique character. This is a reproduction of nature onto a designed object, a stylish game between contrasting materials; the industrial and the organic, the wild and the civilized.

Stumps Collection